Friday, September 03, 2004

TAM 52


Robb said...

Hey, Look at you, you found this comment. Your dedication to mediocre cartooning will not go unrecognized!

I decided that not enough people visit the TAM Cartoon archives, so I thought that I would run a secret contest.

Congratulations, since you’re reading this, you've won! I'll bet that you're wondering what the grand prize is aren’t you? Well, I thought that I would use my mediocre song writing skills to write a song especially for you, chronicling your journey to the TAM Cartoon archives and your adventurous spirit.

Doesn't that just want to make you claim your prize as soon as possible? We'll you'll have to do a couple things first. Go to The Anthropomorphic Male (The "Go Home" link on TAM too) and post a comment under the most recent post saying that you’ve discovered the secret contest and that you won. Of course you'll have to let me know who you are and whether or not you actually want the prize (if you don't then just don't say anything, let someone else discover this comment, I'm not made of clever ideas you know!) and then I'll write you a song and post it on The Anthropomorphic Male!



Fun Fact: Since I first put a tracker on this site, I’ve been the only one to come here! That’s pathetic! I’m interested to find out how long it takes for someone to find this. It’s October 8th 2004 right now and the Gumbo Festival is probably in full swing over to Bridge City, Louisiana. I like gumbo. But not seafood Gumbo. Yuck.

Robb said...

Oh, one more thing. I'll let you know if the contest is over.

So if you see nothing saying that it is, claim your prize!

Robb said...

Okay, it's been months since someone won this great prize. Julie is the lucky winner! I just realized that I've neglected to let you know that.

Not that anyone reads this thing.

So, I'm really just talking to myself.

Yeah, me! I rock! Who rocks? Me. Thank you, me.

I'm welcome.